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Issues With Servofish At Home (Tank + Servofish Size Issues)-


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Firstly, I'm utterly obsessed with these adorable little robots. I honestly kind of want one in my real-life fish tank, keeping the waters clean and safe.

So, naturally I immediately combed over the entire Vallis for every variety I could yank up out of the waters, and replaced my collection of rare Plains fish with these far more unusually-shaped critters. Now, here's where the problems started. Because Servofish are at a set size (instead using a clever system of how complex their designs are), and Plains Fish are not, things get weird when some Servofish (like the Kriller) are huge and yet not counted as large fish. So instead these massive and long-tailed machines act as if they're just normal-sized fish and clip through the walls of the tank, spazz out when they turn corners, and phase through the smaller fish (Brickies, Recasters). And so I've had to sort of game the system in how fish appear in your tanks in order to get them to float about in more preferable, less glitchy ways. 

As this is going to get dramatically more irritating as I get my hands on more and more as my collection nears completion, I ask:

- Servofish have a "size" based on what kind of type they are (Tinks = Small, Sapcaddies = Large) . This way, they're compatible with how large, medium and small fish appear in your tanks, with designated "spots". With many Servofish being long and eel-like, though, many will probably wind up being under the Large category...

- If that doesn't work, a more complicated solution would be to actually have them animate to avoid the borders of the tanks/areas where other fish may be. Have the tails follow a very narrow path the head takes, for instance, curving and winding with the contours of the tank they're in. (Though this may tie them in knots...)

- Select each spot for every individual fish? Have a means of floating, normally invisible "points" we can select when placing a fish into the tank and see how they fit in there, so we can see for ourselves if their shape breaks things or not.

- Something else...? I'm not entirely sure, optimization isn't really my strong suit. I'm just a stickler for things looking nice in my Orbiter...

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Update: I was able to use some exploits in fish placing (first time I've ever said that) to get the little (and big) buggers into some more comfortable-looking spots. Even so, they still tend to phase through the walls of the tank and take the few turns they're forced to take very oddly, bodies not really reacting to the curves at all and clipping through many objects when they do this. Additionally, whatever level of complexity the specimen is, it always appears as it's "Magnificent" variety. (This *also* appears to be the case when using Luminos Dye when fishing, which makes it a little annoying to tell which fish you see is actually worth stabbing...) Having to use multiple exploits to get things looking mostly nice still isn't an ideal status...

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