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History of the Tonkor:

On launch, Tonkor was Busted strong, did no self damage, and caused players to bunny hop when it went off.
People meme'd and trolled with it for about a week straight. (Maybe longer?)

They removed the pop-up on detonate feature, and people just played Tonkor.
People would look at you like a complete moron if you didn't exclusively run Tonkor.
So.. after a while, they gave it self damage.

People still used it for it's power, but got mad that it inta-gibbed the crap out of them all the time.
Player frustration with self-harm weapons was at an alltime high, because the Meta was still Tonkor..
meaning nearly every game, people had to pick up suicide kings on the constant.

So, DE nerfed it.

Here we are.
People could not responsibly handle the Tonkor, so they made it less enticing.
DE could have done things better, but since they always have major stuff in development,
this is just what they had to do to throw water on the fire.

DE has too many spinning plates, and meta kids can't be trusted to use weapons responsibly.

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