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Can we get MORE loadout in Arsenal ?


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Hello everyone,

The reason that I created this topic is I have a small request to DE to make more loadout available in Arsenal.

 I use every warframe in each loadout with different weapons (for example: Loadout A: Volt, Amprex, Aklex Prime, Prisma Obex. Loadout B: Wukong, Lenz, Synoid Gammacor, Broken Scepter, ...) and right now I'm MR 19 which I have unlocked 5 loadouts if I remember correctly. The maximum purchaseable loadout is 10 20, which mean I can have 16 25 loadouts right now for each of my warframe I own.

Up to today with the Fortuna update, we got one more new Warframe Garuda and that makes the game has total 37 warframes right now and that is the problem to me. I'm trying to enjoy the game and explore, collect more weapons and warframes but at my current state and my playstyle, it is a little bit uncomfortable and inconvenience for me to not having enough loadout for my new frames. ( And even if I'm at MR 30 which I will have only around 32-33 loadouts which is not enough to cover each warframe for each loadout )

Everytime I got a new warframe, I make a new loadout for it and choose the weapons that I think they suit the frame best whether base on the appearance or the association between the weapons and the warframe. I'm using a loadout as a build of a specific warframe that is the best I can think of to play in most missions and most circumstances and I don't have to switch weapon or warframe to do specific mission but only maybe loadout.

I'm aware that there are a lot of players in Warframe and each player has their own ways to play the game and so developers cannot just listen to every single player to make changes to satisfy them but I really really hope someone in DE team will get this request and make more loadout available by any mean.

Thank you for still being here.

Depressed Tenno. 

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6 minutes ago, Havavu said:

You can purchase 20 extra slots.

I'm doing the same thing and I currently have 32 slots, wich is all i can have atm. Will get my 33th slot at mr24, and 34t at mr26 i think, but it still not enough 😞 3 loadout slots short!

Yes, and that is just for each frame, I haven't mentioned about duplicate warframe loadout or weapon loadout and more...

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