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Arcwing problem with xbox controller


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First of all, thank you for this amazing update. Its marvellous!!

I chose controller after two years playing WF about one year ago, not convenient as traditional way, but good for my shoulder and wrist.

Most of time, using controller isnt a problem except aimming and shooting, arcwing is. Esecially arcwing is used a LOT in Plains of Eidolon and Orb now.

Normally I use LS to move and RS to view, but in arcwing its different. 

In arcwing if I want to be fast I need to push A button all the time to speed up, which means I cant use RS with my right thumb to change direction and I barely use LS.

I hope I can use LS to view at least(exchange RS and LS in arcwing) or can be customerized by tenno.

P.S. I found out in update 24.0.4 after I pressed down LS to speed up in arcwing, it didnt fly as usual, I had to push LS and its not very comfortable to use.

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