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A weird sequence of events, which involve forever floating animals, having to abort multiple times, and being stuck in an elevator shaft.


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This weird, complicated, and frustrating story all started when I was testing out the new Equinox feature, of being able to put wild animals to Rest for capture. Now I was able to get two Pobbers at once, so that was nice, however I presumably activated a bug where I activated both at the same time (since they were so close to each other). Now I am hearing the usual capture tune two times at a single instance. I was able to sent off one of the Pobbers normally, but one of them just stayed there. It still showed the UI for the capture process at the top of the screen, and it even still showed the Starting Point of which I used to track down the animals. I presumed this was a small glitch and nothing but coming back to Fortuna would fix it. Somehow, I still got all of my tags for the Pobbers, so I assumed everything was fine?

So when i came back, I decided to go as my main guy Atlas, and just see if I could just capture a few more animals. Somehow, the bug still carried over to this poor Virmink that was basically just stuck in mid-air the whole time. But Biz did not say anything about him, nor did any tune play nor special screen showed me standing next to it. Practically the same bug, even though I technically restarted the mission. I just hoped I got my tag and that was mostly all. 


So I tried to go back to Fortuna. Now keep in mind I do not have the best connection, which is why I constantly get network issue messages while playing that bother the heck out of me but I still don't understand what happened next. I wait, and this appears and the first time playing this game I have not only ever seen this but I am pretty sure my mind just went to another dimension on how this happened.


What? I have never actually seen this my entire time playing. Of course I've seen the little "updating account info" loading thing whenever I didn't be bothered to complete a mission but I never seen this before. So I let it retry multiple times and it just doesn't work. I abort and then... nothing. Nothing else happens. I was just basically stuck there in an elevator with nothing to do but dance (don't mind my enraged rambling, I was just super confused). 


I decided to wait a bit, and I just don't know what to do. But then I realized, wait a second, I can still put up my menu and apparently... abort my mission. Okay, I guess that wouldn't hurt-


WHAT? My mind absolutely went to oblivion. I guess I completed my mission but I didn't really and now the game is telling me that I can't abort because I completed it??? But I was still stuck in the elevator. So as the last resort, I Alt+F4'd, waited for my crappy computer to let Steam initialize my files, and decided to make this Bug Report. I honestly do not know how this happened or even if anything was connected to any sort of following events but I am confused. I am not even sure if I got my tag and other items, but I hope so. I am guessing the only major bug is the double capture bug that broke captures for me, but I still need some sort of explanation to how the last events happened. I literally got stuck in an elevator. 

Update: My tag was nowhere to be found in my inventory, which probably included my other items. Oh well.

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