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I'm in solo mode all the time (Can't join any game)


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When i login for the first time, i can join a game or other join me. But after that first game, then it's like i'm in solo mode. I can't join any games nor does others can join me. I can't play like this. (I also can't invite others for trading. It says "host not found").

To be exact, it says "finding squad" for a few seconds, and then i enter the game without anyone joining. (Like solo mode). It's like a matchmaking problem or something.

It all happened after a hotfix two or three days ago. Does anyone else have this problem? Please tell me if you do. It's killing me.

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19 hours ago, sam686 said:

Options, Gameplay, Matchmaking ping limit. Is this set to "No Limit"?

If you have someone or a friend, does join or invite work?

It's set to No Limit and everything works just for the first time after that you can't join or trade

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On 2018-11-21 at 12:08 AM, AwMirViPeR said:

Iranian's Have this problem Too

Yes i'm Iranian as well. Really sad that i can't play this game like before. :sad:

There is something wrong with the ports that are needed to connect to their servers.

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same from iran but this is going for 2 years so I dont think they going to fix it . I dont even think they care :(


I contacted them for support they answered quickly and asked me for more info but as soon as they found out I am from iran they just stopped contacting me again :(

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more info
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The game putting you in an empty lobby if it finds no other players is an intended gameplay mechanic, though with the trading, if a player is offline you will get the message that they can't be reached if you've tried to personally private message or whisper to them.

If you're still having problems with joining others and you know that they are online, you should be checking the Firewall thread in this forum to see if you have your ports set up correctly, and if that is the case, you should be talking to your Internet Service Provider to see if your connection is allowed to connect internationally. Some countries have internet censoring and firewalls made to prevent you playing certain games or connecting to certain websites. Which is out of DE's control.

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