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Lost three rounds of loot in Arbitration Survival


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I was in a game with three other people, the first died early on and left the game. The second died just before the thirty minute mark. The other person that was left alive wanted to extract at 30 and the dead guy left just as he got to extraction. The second guy that died and left was the host so we went back to selecting another host, but before a new host was selected, we got taken to the end game summary as somehow the timer kept ticking when the only teammate alive stayed put at extraction.

At the summary my page was blank. No drops, no mods, no 10 minute interval rewards. Really sucks to throw down half an hour into a game and walk away with nothing because people leave one by one, the way they're supposed to in arbitration survival. And what really sucks is that i wanted to get close to an hour. So got extracted early and didn't get anything.

Such is life.

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