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Moa Companion losing health entering Archwing


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I'm not sure if this is a known issue, but entering Archwing with a Moa Companion equipped with Link Health causes the Moa to lose the bulk of its health.


Steps to reproduce:

  • Equip Inaros (w/ all maxxed Umbral mods)
  • Equip Moa Companion (Not gilded w/ maxxed Link Health)
  • Load into Orb Vallis
  • Press Archwing hotkey
  • Congratulations, your Moa Companion has just lost around 3000 health.
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as the Link Health gives the Moa Health based on the Max Health of the Player and nearly anything having way less health than Max Umbral Inaros I would think that this is how it should be working. Could you maybe upload a Picture from before hitting the Archwing Hotkey and after hitting it? 

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  • 3 weeks later...

This has started happening on my adarza kavat. Interestingly, it does NOT happen unless scarab armour is active when jumping to archwing. I am using both link health and link armour on my kavat, no umbral mods.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Bring Inaros and an adarza kavat.
  2. Enter the Vallis.
  3. Charge up scarab armour.
  4. Heal Inaros back to full health (this step may not be necessary).
  5. Enter archwing. At this point the kavat's max health changes from ~7k to ~3k.
  6. Leave archwing. The kavat's max health reverts to ~7k but current health remains at ~3k, requiring healing.

Current mod list:

Kavat - bite, maul, link health, link armour, medi-pet kit, cat's eye, reflect, tek enhance, pack leader, hunter recovery - all maxed.

Inaros - corrosive projection, adaptation (rank 6), negation swarm, intensify, primed continuity, vitality, steel fiber, hunter adrenaline, stretch - all maxed except adaptation. Arcanes (unranked): arcane ultimatum, arcane trickery.


To be honest, it would be a nice QoL improvement if Inaros retained his scarab armour charge level upon leaving archwing again, and would likely eliminate this bug as well.


Also, it looks like someone else has had a similar problem here:

Many thanks and good luck. 🙂

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It is still happening as of current update, just experienced this today on the Vallis with the Amesha, Inaros Prime and a MOA companion. MOA's health resets from 17k to around 3k, which matches the health differnce between Inaros Prime (10k) and Amesha (1.8k). The actual point where it resets is unclear, maybe when you fly up too high/far on the Archwing to trigger the companion/specter teleportation range? Because it doesn't happen immediately.

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