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Screen goes white or black on fortuna


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When I am doing bounties.  Normally with a set of 4 players.  On the third sub part of the mission normally when we have just hit the prerequisites for the mission my screen will go completely white or black.  In both cases I hear sounds.  If I press my M1 key I hear my weapon firing but it just sits there black.  This happens in both fullscreen and windowed mode.  I can win-> to another screen (there is an appreciable lag when I do this) and open the task manager.  Normally my CPU is at about 50% (though it has been as low as 10%).  Memory is about 4-6 gig (machine has 32).  No matter how long I wait it will stay black/white.  It does NOT crash warframe.  I have to end task on warframe and restart  from scratch.  The mission does NOT mark as completed.  I do get the rewards earned on stages 1&2.  I have updated my drivers (nvidia 980 gtx) verified my download cache and optomized it.

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