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Mining Nodes Have Vanished.


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Mining nodes just vanished since the last hotfix 24.0.05, when I came out of Fortuna and equipped my mining laser tool thing, there were a couple of nodes in the surrounding area, then I had a small archwing journey to the first caves on the map and found they were empty, as were the next and the next etc. 

All caves and map were mining nodeless, I'll try entering Orb Vallis again and just run to the caves, then at least I'll know it's travelling by archwing that's the culprit, I'll try the K-Drive too.

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On 2018-11-13 at 3:53 AM, Frostyinferno said:

I believe the bug is caused by launching your archwing while still having the mining tool equipped. I seem to remember this bug from the Plains.

Not so sure about that. I'll frequently step out of the lift and check for nodes, and find none there, where I'll also frequently step out of the lift and find 6(or more) immediately. Doesn't seem to make a difference if I jump into my archwing with the mining tool equipped or not (and usually I put it away first anyway). And if I don't see any at all immediately outside the lift, then I know there's not much chance I'll find more than one or two nodes across the rest of the map.

I'd say it's just down to RNGesus needing to reset itself properly, since going back into Fortuna and coming out again often (not always but often) causes nodes to spawn close again. And if it does, then I'll find the nodes in caves and elsewhere outside again. It just seems that the distribution of nodes across the map is directly linked to that one roll for the nodes outside the lift, where it should be more random across the map. Same sort of thing seems to happen with Toroid spawns in caves; if I find one toroid, I'll often find some in the other caves, rarely do I see only one toroid spawn - it's more than one or nothing...

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