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Return to Fortuna, no items/rewards


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I just spent an hour farming Toroids with allies, returned to Fortuna, and the Mission Failed audio played and the end of mission rewards screen showed up with no items for me.  Allies in my group had their full rewards as usual, only I (the host) "failed" the mission.


Edit: I can not currently complete any mission on Fortuna successfully.  I have entered Fortuna 3 times and all three times I "failed" the mission with revives remaining, receiving no rewards.

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I got something similar, but not quite and not as the host. Mission Success, but apparently all my rank 30 gear was rank 0 and being levelled. :thinking: Everyone else got the five Toroids we needed, but uh, I got absolutely nothing. Also I somehow managed to roll out of the elevator and there was a coildrive in Fortuna itself.

tl;dr orb vallis machine broke aaaaa

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