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Some hilarious bugs with pictures


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I had all these bugs in a span of 15 minutes and it was hilarious, sorry if it's been reposted, I haven't seen it in the recent posts

First: I was in a team of 4, I got killed the exact same moment I was mounting on the K drive, so this happened:



I was falling from the map over and over and over, just like a lagged game, I appeared just below the floor reached certain low height and then reappear in the same spot below the ground close to it. My teammates revived me, the bug kept happening, I moved or jumped/bullet jumped I don't know, and then this happened:


I was riding a majestic invisible k-drive in the air, soaring the skies as those Star Wars Battlefront II players that started going up without being able to go down. Actually, I couldn't move, but, I had some control, I could decide when to go up by jumping, I wasn't able to do anything, in the end I used the K-drive again and just went back to normality, back to reality, here comes the gravity, so I fell to the ground.

And a few minutes after that I got stuck in this spot:


So, I couldn't do anything except to chain more tricks and move uncontrollably, the funny thing is, the picture isn't cut at all, the UI was genuinelly like that, I discovered that when you are making many tricks the camera enters a different state, or something like that, and since I was using it so much, when I looked down, the UI went upwards where I couldn't see it, when I looked up, the UI would appear as if I was scrolling. The "Q" didn't help me to summon another K-drive or Archwing because the wheel didn't appear, I tried many things that didn't work, until I pressed "Esc" and glitched my way out to normality, the UI went to normal, however the camera was a bit weird, I bullet jumped and leaped forward and It was as if I was going to insane speed and I thought I was on drugs moving insanely fast because the camera zoomed in like crazy, a few moments more and it finally went back to normality


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