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Kitguns so close to Greatness


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ok so I LOOVE the make your own weapons that DE has given us..
BUT i have a few gripes about the kitguns. 
the RattleGuts is hitscan and NOT projectile based, It looks like a Projectile based weapon, like a little Supra Vandle bullet spewing Monster.
But its hitscan. which is kinda sad after all it shows pretty much every bullet shot as a projectile. but it is actually hitscan. 
I love projectile based weapons. in a game where we are spoilt for choice on alot of things, we have More Hitscan weapons to poke a stick at then not. 
i would love top see a bullet spewing chamber like the rattleguts. 
also a Hitscan AND a projectile based Shotgun chamber for the kitguns.
honestly i dont see why we only have 4 chamber types.
we should have launchers as well. 

think of all the combos you could make with these chambers we really should have got 
Hitscan chambers and Projectile: Burst, full auto and single shot.
hitscan and projectile Shotgun chambers
Launcher chambers (aka make your own Kulstar!) 
flamethrower chamber
there should be a health ammount of All types. so we could all come up with more creative builds.

Imagine a loader that allows Projectiles to Bounce about, but on hitscan it has a 0.5 punch thru.
the kitguns are good, little let down on the rattleguts front, the tombfinger is great, but of the 2, it should of been the hitscan and the rattle guts projectile based.


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