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One of 11-12 patches broke fishing completely


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So yesterday I went around fishing pretty much everywhere in fortuna to find the best spots. I encountered rarely on surface a problem that made fish impossible to hit. And only very specific spots in cave would let you hit fishes. As of today, this problem now appear on 100% of all water surfaces (cave or not). I can no longer throw dyes and bait without them disappearing and no fish can be hit or targeted (name appearing).

As a side note, why is it that you can't aim at a fish and hit it? You NEED to see the fish name to be ABLE to hit it. No predicting path or anything. This is not how fishing worked in PoE and it is very clunky. I hope this is just a bug. It might be related to the above issue but might be something separate since sometime I can't see name because they're in a zone that make stuff disappear but other time not.

I've tried most water surface (both above and under ground) before and after the patch. Since the patch I did not manage to find a single spot where I could actually catch a fish.

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