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Rattleguts Chamber Kitguns


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I am having the same problem and it's really annoying. 

To help with the bugfixing, doing some tests show that the magnetise bubble acts like eximus enemies' Snow Globe with respect to the Rattleguts projectiles. It blocks projectiles attempting to enter the bubble, and also blocks Rattleguts projectiles attempting to leave (not sucking the bullets into the center of the magnetise whatsoever, mind you). 

While we're in this topic, magnetise also doesn't attract exodia contagion (zaw arcane) projectiles either, which seems inconsistent. 

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I just noticed this issue when trying to use a Rattleguts kitgun with the bullet attractor effect from the Scourge's secondary fire. I also replicated the issue with Mag's Magnetize ability and void damage and with the other weapons mentioned in KayoxSidus's magnetize post.

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