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Spaceport Mob Spawns & Toroid Drops


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Something is not right since the latest hotfix regarding mob spawns at the Spaceport in Orb Vallis. Even with full 4 alert, mobs just don't spawn. I ran a few Toroid farming missions on Temple & Energy Labs and within 30min I had 30+ with a booster. At Spaceport, I was lucky to get 2-4. Not sure what the deal is, but something isn't right. 

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Yeah got to agree, the drop rate at the spaceport is really low and it's made even worse by the fact that enemies just aren't spawning. 

I did a solo 30minute run and came away with 2 vega toroids, and that was with a booster.  Now I wouldn't mind so much but when there was something to do most of the time it basically turned into me versus comba units (not hard, just annoying as they turn the game into nothing but a run and gun...not the reason I play warframe).  Some of the teleports were spawning 1 solitary unit, it was almost like the 'grunt' units were missing. 

I've had several attempts where the enemies just stopped spawning and then the alert starts to decrease even though I'm still in the exact same spot with 4+ alert beacons active...

Also seemed to be low ammo drops but that might be a 'general' issue with fortuna.

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Run for 30 mins and only got 5 and all within first 15 mins, others are better

We found a nice spot in Spaceport where we run Hydroid Nekros Nova Mesa and it worked okay but still bad drops


(best run)



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