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Fishing Spear Gone From Inventory


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Ticket #1553743

Same thing, all 3 of my plains spears are gone.

I noticed a few days ago, only 1 spear of the 3 versions from Hai-Luk, was appearing in my gear wheel.
thought nothing big of it, since I was fishing in Fortuna for now.

Turns out, today I need a few more murkray livers.
So, I happily hop towards the ocean, and grab my spear.
Hitting the cycle button, to get the desired spear and...

I have the option between only shockprod and Stunna spears?

I bought all 3 Peram/Tulok/Lanzo spears months ago.
And now... they are completely gone.
Where did my spears go to?

I can only think of a bug that is confusing both spear types, and eventually made them disappear from my inventory.



And to prove that I'm not trying to get some free stuff.
These ingredients, have all been fished up.
And it's not like Stunna/Shockprod are able to catch plains fish.

And no, no platinum was spent to get any of the fish ingredients.
These where all legitimately caught.

You even need a Large sized fish to be able to mount them on a wall.
If ingredients where bought with plat, then how was I able to mount the fish displays?
Or have living fish in my tank.
With a large Norg even...

Please don't tell me data has been lost, and I need to re-buy all spears again.
And risk losing them again, due to whatever bug that caused this.





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Yep, have the same problem.  My 3 cetus fishing spears have disappeared, can't complete a riven quest without them as the fortuna ones don't hit animals.  They are definitely deleted as if I go to Fisher hai-Luk in cetus it says I do not own any of them.  Bought the 500 rep lanzo to do my riven quest, hopefully gets fixed soon

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Went for a bit of fishing yesterday and experienced the same, my lanzo spear had disappear, only that one though, so had to rebuy it. I would assume that the time at which it went missing was when I did the profit-taker bounty's phase 1, because I noticed there was a spear conveniently placed in the mission in case you didn't bring any and curiously I touched it to see what'd happen, it'd seem that when the game clears the borrowed spear from your inventory post-mission, it also eats your lanzo spear that you actually bought.

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Same issue all my spears except Fortuna content spears...

Discovered I had been affected by this bug after I acquired a Riven mod that required wildlife kills with fishing spears and it seems the spears I'm left with deal no damage to wildlife so, um, DE pls fix!

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