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Synth mods only apply to sentinels not moas


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Not sure if bug or intended. 

As of now moas cannot use "sentinel mods" they can use "companion" and "robotic" mods 

And though the link mods (shield, armor, health) clearly outclassed the sentinel equivalent I was surprised to see that the synth mods were not classified as robotic but sentinel only.

Synth fiber on any sentinel is terrible, due to their innate low armor and is a waste of mod slot. 

Synth deconstructor is the only decent mod for sentinels in the set I can see. 

Moas can reach decent armor with the right frame and with these mods they will improve their survivability.

I would request to convert these mods to "robotic". 

Also the mod list for moas is very underwhelming needs some more. 

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