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Bloodshed Sigil- Community suggestions and Feedback


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-----------------------------------There's been a lot of talk surrounding the bloodshed sigil, please take it into consideration----------------------------------------

Many people who have bought the Garuda collection are very disappointed by the restrictions of the 'Bloodshed Sigil', and majority want tweaks.

Here is a list of a few community requests.

1.) Edit the amount of damage needed to be taken to activate the sigil

2.) Allow the option for it to be permanently on (Some have mentioned a toggle option)

3.) Generally adjust the activation method of the sigil

I originally purchased the bundle in order to support the creators and to skip farming and to receive the new sigil (as I was expecting it to work as any other sigil) and I find this restriction to the sigil to be an extreme bummer.


Please take this into consideration!



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It's called Bloodshed - people talking about a bloodshed usually don't mean their own blood.

My suggestions:
1. Change to damage dealt with melee (remember Dragon Age?)
2. Permanent toggle ("We've got a bleeder!"). I prefer option 1.

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"Community suggestions and Feedback" - hmm... wonder where that should be then, Oh, GD is the best place for feedback.... /s

Which part is correct, this one: "Many people who have bought the Garuda collection are very disappointed (...) and majority want tweaks"(link to statistics please).  or this one: "I find this restriction to the sigil to be an extreme bummer."? - lumping a lot of people into a single group is a bad idea, especially when you only mention the ideas that you like and ignore others.

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A few of the ideas listed above can be seen here /\

Down below are a few complaints from other players who are 

a) Aware of the damage requirement and are giving feedback/discussing with other players

b) Are not aware of the damage requirement and were disappointed when confronted with the news or when it did not remain permanently             

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/




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The ideas that I have listed that I like were simply those that I personally thought most suitable or realistic.

If anyone else has any other ideas I am not denoting them, these were just my favourites.

As for the mislabeled Feedback part I apologise for, I thought I posted under the 'Feedback> General' but however even so I would still like to encourage discussion.

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33 minutes ago, IllegalFishButt said:

Would you like me to link the other posts?

The quoting system looks a little ugly and this is far easier to read.

If you want to see what other people have said have a look, this is just the ideas I have seen recurring fairly often and that I like.

I mean you literally posted the same post 3xs, maybe you didn't notice but you might ant to report the others to be deleted.

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I would like this topic to be discussed and as there hasn't been official confirmation nor official consideration regarding this topic reposting would seem appropriate in order to spread possible traction within the community and possibly bring the attention of one of the devs. Also the other posts do fit within the categories they are within (Under 'Art, Animation, UI' and 'General Discussion' within the feedback section)

NOTE: I reposted within the General of the Feedback section as I initially made the mistake of posting here.

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