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Nagantaka Alt-Fire QoL Change


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The Nagantaka's alt-fire discharges the entire clip, or whatever is remaining of it, in a full auto burst. But since the fire rate for this is relatively slow, there are times when you might notice that the enemy you fired on died on the 3rd or 4th bolt, so the rest of your clip is usually wasted as you flail around hoping to see an enemy near your crosshair.

A solution that I think would be appropriate to solve this issue is that if you press the secondary fire again during the full auto it will stop the discharge, which saves the rest of your clip. I think this makes the weapon more interactive and efficient without losing any of its former merits. I do not think this breaks the weapon in any OP way, just improves it from a design perspective.

The other crossbows in Warframe are only automatic so you are in full control, and while I had hoped this crossbow would be a high-power, single-shot, heavy-crit, hallway-destroyer with a single bolt clip and fast reload so you have a quiver of bolts and effectively use the same reloading mechanic as a regular bow except your nocking into a crossbow and it hits much harder to make up for the slower fire rate along with having near infinite punch through, I think this quality of life change would maintain the weapon's identity as a cross between full auto and single shot while giving some appreciable flexibility.

Side Note: I do not think the other weapon with this alt-fire, the pandero, needs this functionality because it is hitscan, with a much faster discharge rate, and I believe smaller clip as well which would make this functionality kind of unnecessary and hard to make effective use of.

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Yup.. Secondary fire is not ammo effecient.. I was expecting  a 3 round Burst Shot. 

And that magazine.. 9? Not much to complain about unless your Bow only in Infestation, but the Reload speed doesn't balance it.

Weapon looks bulky.. Even a hint of Infestation on default colors.

Primary shot is slow.. You pay for it in mods.. Would be nice if it shot like Attica.

Pretty sure it can Slash a body in half, but can pin as well.. I never cared for Pin to walls (should be a Peculiar mod)

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On 2018-11-13 at 6:22 AM, WrathAscending said:

I personally wouldn't mind the alt fire being continuous when held down and stopping when released. But a change would definitely be welcome!

I had not thought of that implementation, but that would probably work too. My only issue is that kind of makes its alt fire into a full-auto option as far as player input is concerned rather than a burst that you might want to be able to cap off after a few shots. The alt-fire of weapons like this and the Pandero are hard to classify which in turn makes it hard to discuss how they fit into the broader spectrum of firing modes in Warframe. 

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