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Find the Bodies, Extractors, and Coil Drive Missions


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Figured I'd list a few bugs here I've been encountering (one of which I'm not 100% certain is considered a bug)

So here we go:

1. Find the Crew mission: When finding the bodies occasionally there is a break that causes the mission to only last a few seconds (5.00-30.00 is the range I see, so far I've only had this occur when in a party) and forces a fail, it seems once this bug occurs in an instance it will then break all the body location missions in that instance until returning to Fortuna and reloading the instance. Not sure what triggers it, I haven't noticed any connecting events other than I only get in when playing with others

2. Extraction Missions and Loki: You can switch teleport the extractors with Loki (which I suspect is not intended) when you do so rather than moving the extractors to Loki's previous location (as the skill does) it puts the extractors "in space" as myself and friend have been calling it. Where the extractors will be sent about 100m into the air where they'll just sort of float, the mission is still completeable but it does mess with enemy spawning and AI functionality, and requires using your archwing to charge the extractors with cells.

3. Trap and Protect the Coil Drive and Hack the Drone: This is the one I'm not 100% certain is a bug but here it is- When using cataclysm with Limbo you are unable to pull the Coildrive defense point, or the Drone defense point into the rift (I'm assuming this is unintentional as you can pull normal mission defense points in and out of the rift this way) as long as enemies are standing outside of the cataclysm they can still shoot into it and hit the defense points as normal, at the moment the extractors are the only Fortuna defense mission functioning as normal with Limbo's abilities


Attached an example of the Loki vs extractors thing cause the other 2 wasnt sure how to really screen cap those for reference without just doing a video 🤷‍♂️2uosxhs.jpg

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