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Weird technical support.


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I've been played arbitration alert with random team.After almost 2 hours we were attempt to leave since we forgot about air, cuz it was just fun and pleasurable run.We're had a connection issue.And as I saw in team chat: my teammates get they're rewards after some time and has left the party. As for me - I've lost everything. Actually resources, credits and regular mods doesn't matter. Since I can easily farm them solo in other missions. But as for arbitration rewards I want them back. 1.4 hour without any valuable rewards between those 10-mins intervals.
For sure, I'm here not to cry. I've opened a ticket on technical support page. And I sent them these photos. Even not screenshots. Photos. And the only one things that could not be seen on photo are Vigorous Swap (cuz in Russian it starts with letter "С" that goes after "Р" for Sundering Strike in alphabet) and Vitus Essence for the same reason, but cuz it is arbitration it should be anyways.
So, I want to get only my arbitration rewards:
9 Vitus Essence
3 Ayatan Orta Sculptures
1 Ayatan Say Sculpture
1 Vigorous Swap mod
2 Rolling Guard mods
4000 Endo (Some was as a rewards and some as loot)
And what did they answer me? I should send them: 1) My teammate's nicknames. (And you can see them on photo) 2. Exact date and time of the missions end. (This is the most strange thing, since they answered me after 6 days after my ticket and I just can't remember exactly the time and date. Aren't there any logs for this?) 3. I must choose ONLY ONE reward from all that I lost because of their host migration and connection problems. 4. What type of missions I was played. (Also strange since you can get those rewards on phot only in arbitrations)
IMO almost all of that are pretty weird conditions.

When I would be at home, I would be able to put those photos in this thread.

P.S. Sorry for mistakes and my overall poor English.

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