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Fortuna focus gain too low


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Even telling my team to go afk so i can get all the kills myself and using 2x exp booster does rarely break 4k focus per bounty(i mean whole bounty)
that is with maxed melee focus bonus and only 1 weapon equiped with maxed lens.

I would like to keep enjoying new update but when i need 20million focus i gotta leave and go stand in middle of some defense  mission spamming 1 button for hours there is no time left to do any fortuna stuff.

Simple solution: reward focus for bounty completion
you do things like "defense target take no damage" and you get some focus bonus

It does not have to be something extreme,but at least 1/4 of what you would get in same time in some  mindless defense/interception button smashing mission would be really cool.

I believe focus should feel like part of the game,no matter where you go,not something you have to go farm to defense or invisible kills in solo extermination.

There are already many other reasons to do defense:materials,rotation rewards,weapon and frame leveling It will not remove it from "places to visit" 
To do bounty there is reputation,medical bonds and that is it :^) 

Alternatively:add defense mode in to fortuna as bounty

"enemy level 100 protect fortuna door from corpus for 30minutes focus gain bonus 25%" 


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