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Cave Hotspots Issue


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Since the begining of Fortuna (which i'm aware that this lovely expansion is not even 1 week old) we've been having fishing issues in the caves. 

Now that we need the Orokin fish and we're purchasing the very expensive bait, we need the hot spots which don't show up in the caves.

I used 10 CHARAMOTE bait, each valued at 300 standing. If i could build them like the other baits i wouldn't really mind the delay but we really need the hot spots.

Yes i have tried different caves. Big or small with different amounts of water in and all i could get to show was MIREWINDER and SCRUBBER with the bait. 
I know hotfixes are dropping like they should (hot) but we reallllly need our cave fishing.

P.S: The Luminous Dye most of the time doesn't work in caves. Sometimes it highlights 2-3 fish while 10 others aren't. 

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I've been hunting for cave hot spots as well, ranging around the map multiple passes, and have not had any luck with any cave hot spots appearing for myself. Plenty of lake and pond ones, but nothing in the caves. This was both solo, as well as the host of groups.

I did notice (and my friends noticed as well) that when we're not the group hosts, we don't get ANY fishing hot spots spawning, not even in the lakes or ponds.

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