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[Fortuna Map] Orb Vallis mapped and ready

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You don't need bait on hotspot for get any fish, the 3 orokin fish are just really rare without it, but they spawn sometime, and the recaster and longwinder have a low spawn rate too without bait
And you have forget the Crewmen's Boot :laugh:

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There are at least 14 confirmed toroid spawns by now. You miss:

the Two caves in the Bottom right

The caves right above and Left under the dig site

The cave under reflector control

The cave between Grow site and coolant lake which is missing in your map completely

And Another One of the caves in the 3 cave Cluster Left to the coolant lake


Edit: GHS seems to have the most complete guide atm


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Made an updated version now with Vent Kid locations that I have seen so far. Did some extra research here and there to make the map more accurate as well.

There is also a colorblind version that you can see all the way up there in the hidden section.

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7 hours ago, Kaotyke said:

That área on the down left of the Temple of Fabrication, there are 3 caves, but I scouted that place for 15 minutes and could not find the onde at the bottom of the triangle.

I think I know which one you mean, Its not so much a "cave" but a hole in the ground with a total cave depth of about 5m so its not something you'd immediately recognize as a cave when you first see it. 

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