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What did you name your K-Drive?


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  • 2 weeks later...

When i made this post, i had bought my first K-Drive and i was able to name it.

Next day people were saying they couldn't name there K-Drive when they built theirs.

Dev stream confirmed that it was a "bug" as they had removed the Gilded aspect from K-Drives which in turn removed the naming option.

So hope it gets fixed soon™

ps, the reference is to an old 2000AD/Judge Dredd story with were the Main Character was called Chopper who is a World Champion "Sky Surfer".

He was offered a new "Sky board" called "Bondi Special" but preferred his old one called "Stratos 4", which left the reader thinking if he had used the newer board, would the results of a certain race be different.

The story is old,.... 20+ yrs old,... and yes i'm old too. 

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