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Mirage Noble Anim w/ Rifle unnatural hand


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Hey there.

As I was using my Arca Plasmor on Mirage Prime, with the Noble Animation set, I realized that the left hand rotation was abit unnatural.

I checked on few other rifle type weapons and that's present on nearly every rifle, but it's more visible on the Arca Plasmor. I tryied to reproduce that position of hand with the way the arm is angled IRL but I was not able to make the same position as the Arca Plasmor. The position used on other rifle is possible to reproduce IRL but it kinda hurt the hand cause it goes a way the articulation is not made for.

That would requieres the hand to do a rotation or nearly 180° from the natural hand position. (my irl hand is stuck to only 90° on that axis)

Sorry for the lack of precision on where is the problem, I tryied to screenshot it but it's not relevant on screenshot, it's better to see it in motion.

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