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So let me talk about costs for a while...

They are crazy! Good Kreska and Bonds were tweaked but look:

- Kreska ok I will not mention that even after lowering its cost it will take all of my Fieldron... but again mining resoruce. 25 Star Amarast? So all of my amarast I got from numerous mining with booster? Cool. 20 Lathe Coogulant? It isnt the smallest amount either but I can deal with fish more than with mining since mining is 100% random not like fish that I can bait.

- Bonds can cost even 24 Muon battery... after this whole time when fortuna started, after numerous fishing with Booster my stack of Muon batteries is 29. 103k creds almost all of my Muon batteries and mining resoruces for 5 medical bonds and 5 Advanced bonds? I get it. You can make it cost more but make it cost creds not take everything we got from Fortuna.

- 14k salavage, fish resoruce and 10k creds for 10 training bonds and 5 shelter bonds? I got same amount from sales like... 20k creds and 10k nano spores. This is just not worth.


Im sure there are more situations like this. Like with moas. But I belive I dont need to point all of them.

I belive you get the point. Make costs friendly. People like to sit on fortuna, do bounties, play with K-drives

but amount of time you need to spend on mining and fishing just to get one part or one weapon is crazy.


Would love to see decrese of mostly everything. 1H mining with booster on PoE would give me a lot of stuff I can spend on

Zaws, Amps etc. on fortuna 1H of mining with booster barely allows me to craft one weapon.


Please think about it

Thank you ❤️



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