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About That Hydrogen Farm-Map And Infested


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So a while back I started a thread that had ideas of new enemies. One of the replies was partially that Infested missed flying and ranged units. Hydrogen is the lightest gas there is and has been used to create aircraft (Zeppelin).


So... One way to create hydrogen is by using electrolysis of water. This got me thinking, the new Hydrogen farm seem to be on the large "gas giants"-planets. But why are they there? Well, for one - there is obviously gas there that could be farely easily gathered, but maybe there is another reason why they appear on those places?


The Corpus may have had hydrogen facilities earlier, perhaps on earth while it was not completely run by Grineer.
Using water the Corpus created Hydrogen. When the war started they abandonned Earth and headed for Saturn in hope of its rings holding frozen water. This is when the Infested showed up.

Attacking the Corpus processing plants Corpus took heavy losses and sometimes resorted to overcharge the pools with high levels of electricity.

Initially the infested enemies fell by the thousands. But as they did, they evolved, growing ever more resistant.

The Corpus had now started to build giant water pools in the form of moats around their plants for protection.

The strategy that had initially worked so well now failed.

What was even worse were that fallen infested arose from their pools as visciously mutated and bloated flying creatures filled with highly flameable hydrogen.....blablabla you get the idea :)


*Currently the Grineer is reclaiming this part of space...always after them Corpus leftovers ;)


So, basicly a hydrogen filled flying, highly explosive infested, weak to fire and all but imune to lightning. Explodes on death (may set other infested on fire, but also hurts you).

Haven't worked out the ranged part yet but maybe they create gas themselves? either

1: letting out a cloud that if fired into explodes? (they also escape - like an octopus spraying inc)(could be a close range defense)

2: shots a pod that creates the same type of cloud?

3: fires a pod that explodes?

*fire lingers - creating patches of fire on the ground (even though hydrogen burns pretty violently ;)


The point is that if you spot them early on they can be to your benefit setting others aflame. But if left alone they may come close and be quite troublesome to take out. Also if left unchecked at long range they can make an entire area into a deathtrap (defense - cryo should perhaps be left uneffected?)


*pods are biological and snow globe won't stop them? (just a suggestion)

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I'd prefer to keep infested strictly melee, if I want to get shot at I'll go fight Grineer or Corpus.

Still a pretty good idea though.

Flying exloading melee? - same thing with gas only not ranged?

Would loose pretty much of its "thing" but anyways.

They need more unittypes - new silhuettes - and other tactical stuff.

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Thought à bit on melee. Another enemy could be the "Gas Spider":

The Gas Spider is à fearsome flying unit that functions simillar to the unit in OP but attacs useing its arms (tentacles) to wrap around and lift its victem. The Gas Spider floats in towards its pray and snatches it, the contact with à players warframe results in a electric disscharge (damages the shield, if there is no shield hp left it drains energy (max 50), no shield or energy, 100 dam on hp). When the disscharge occurs it causes the excess water in the creature to transform into hydrogen and oxygen. This results in the player being pulled into the air. The Gas Spider then starts to suck out the water inside its pray by slowly squezing it.

(in some cases the creature crawls on the ground/walls/ceiling to create confusion and avoid detection).

Game mechanics:

Grabs and lifts target causing small DoT.

When holding a player it loses its stearing capabilities and drift away.

A player being held by à Gas Spider will be considdered "dead" by other infested (if stuck you can get out of hordes by drifting away for à short while).

Every second you drift causes the the Gas Spider to swell creating a deadlier and deadlier hydrogen baloon above your head.

Taking long range damage may trigger a charge, the gas Spider then uses gas to rapidly propel it forward (leaving à flameable gas trail behind it).

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