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Moa Stasis Field not working


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Not sure if this is a host/client issue or what, but the ability is not slowing or reducing anything at the moment from what I have been able to observe. 

I may be wrong, but the projectile speed should be easily observed and I could not see the difference while my shields/health appeared to be deducted at the standard values for the mission I was in.

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On 2018-11-23 at 8:43 AM, ssj782 said:

I've seen the slow work. My issue is the damage reduction. I let a few shots hit my rhino both inside and outside the stasis field but it was doing the same amounts of damage. 60% reduction should be a noticeable difference.

Yea, I have straight up stopped using that particular mod. No point in using it if it is going to work only some of the time or not at all.

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