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I don't feel like her kit plays smoothly.


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As a concept I feel like there's something there and the idea behind her synergies are fairly solid. But in practice I feel like they don't work together amazingly well and feels a bit awkward and cumbersome to use effectively. 


1: Shield shape doesn't feel like it works well. It's a flat mirror you point  in certain directions and it seems to move fairly slowly. I feel like it should have a curved shape for better coverage. But the mechanics behind it are clever. 

2: The blood orb cast is a bit awkward to use and leaves you a bit to open for how uncertain the range is. You need to hold to release otherwise you tap it and just refresh the buff instead of releasing the orb.The range of the explosion doesn't feel super clear and leaving you without a shield feels like a huge risk for damage that you need to chain with her 4 to make worthwhile. I feel like it should just dump the damage but leave the shield portion active for it's duration.

3: The blood altar range feels like it's a bit to slow and it's range fairly to limited. Which in turn feels like an anti synergy with her claws. I feel like perhaps it should have a bit more of a twist. Slow heal over time simply for having it up, and rapid heals within it's area of effect to better help her out in melee situation and avoid the need to stay within her altar range. It also has the side effect of holding up defense rounds so it creates awkward situations in groups if the garuda isn't paying attention. 

4: It's too easy to fat finger your 3 dang it. It's even worse when you pair it with her 2 because you go to press her two and then hit three by accident. It also feels like it doesn't reward you enough for the risk.  Albiet this is whilst I'm leveling her up so that might be part of it aswell so take that with a grain of salt. Still It would be appreciated if there was perhaps a cooldown like an initial burst of energy and then energy over time during her cooldown so you don't accidentally hit 3 when you're already in a risky situation. 

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Agreed, she needs some tweaks to help her fluidity. I particularly like your curved mirror idea, or maybe just having it hug a bit closer. Somethin'.

I (mostly) posted this elsewhere, but just realised it's in the wrong forum for feedback, so I'm borrowing.

I don't think it's just the charge times and heal range that make Garuda feel wonky. Her powers and animations all feed into an awkward start-stop feel. It feels like she takes control away at the wrong times as well as for too long. Her whole rhythm just feels off. 

Her 1 is really good, but the damage part of the strike isn't. Instakilling something below 35% health doesn't make sense in this game. On paper it sounds like it'd be good for finishing off Bombards or whatever, but at the level where that matters it can be awkward, or suicidal, to try to target a single enemy in a crowd. With the time spent aiming at a particular enemy, might as well just shoot it. I also find myself using 4 against lone, junk enemies because it's just less wonky than leaping over to knock it down, then meleeing or aiming down to kill it. Aside from slow and awkward, it just feels goofy to use massive claws to do little damage to something that will die from one bullet. My preference is for it to work like Whipclaw, that it should just do damage based on mods.

Her 2 is really good, but I find myself undoing it instead of hitting the next target if I try to do it quickly or in a crowd. Perhaps instead of retargeting to disable, holding it could cancel all the altars at once. A range boost would be nice, but not something I'd kill for. A 1+2 punch works alright, but still feels a bit awkward.

Her 3 and passive are good, no complaints. 

And, like everyone says, the charge time on 4 needs a change. Perhaps being able to charge it while gliding might help, if the charge up has to stay.

Overall though, she's pretty fun, and does her job well. Once I got used to the stop-motion powers, at least. :)

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For the 1 Ability

You just need to remove the "charge up" times, make the Dread Heart insta-cast on key hold with a balanced set animation

1- Strength increases the Dread Heart Explosion damage
2- Efficiency increases the Mirror absorbing multiplier
3- Range increases the range of the Dread Heart Explosion Radius


For the 2 Ability
That's working fine, You just need to change the HOLD KEY to DISABLE ALL ALTARS

For the 3 Ability
Increase the % damage. 100% is not nearly enough for the risk you take being at 2HP. 

For the 4th Ability
same as 1, remove the charge up and insta-cast at max cone range with balanced animation.


A more major change that would take a long time to code and balance would be

merge 2 and 3 into the 2 ability
the 4 becomes the 3 ability
and the 4 is exalted talons with constant HP drain and life leech

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I feel like the slow pace created by charging her 2 and 4 was intentional (part of the 'cold and calculating' background description) but if it's going to be kept in place I think she needs invulnerability during the charge or overall damage reduction--maybe tied to her 3.

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