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Mecha Set issue


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Mecha set is not working correctly. The status spreading sometimes doesn't spread the damaging dot, only the visual effect and icon.

Mecha Pulse also doesn't give the correct buff. It's 20% for 12s for each enemy in range. Huge difference between this and the stated "+60%armor for 20s"!

Moreover it's very very problematic that a marked target killed by someone else doesn't give you the buffs/effects. As it is, it's only usable in solo, and even there... The set itself is interesting and the concept is cool, but for now, there are better options using slots with other mods sadly.

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i tried multiple methods of killing enemies in the simulacrum with DOTs not a single point of damage got spread, i can only assume that the corrosive worked, i tried ashes shuriken, his bladestorm my Tiberon Prime My Pox nothing spread, oh sure they would take the stunned animation of being on fire but not the fire damage DOT

i can also confirm mecha pulse is working the way OP Stated

this is such a pity because this mod set looked like the first one that would be worth it for the bonus it could provide.

also if possible while fixing could they let the mark be the enemy the kubrow is targeting, id love to combine it with the hunter set

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