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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6


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Maybe this is just me , but as an Old player i have all(almost) the prime stuff , But im interested in both the Prime Accessory packs ..  but buying both of them seems rather expensive n wasteful , with just a little more money , i can get the twin prime packs.. but i have almost no use for the warframe n weapons... Is it possible to make a TWIN ACCESSORY packs purchasable for lower price? If not , i might just buy the twin packs and throw away the warframes n weapons .. which is kinda... u know..... sux

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I truly, sincerely hope a new hotfix will be released soon. With the game losing connection continuously and the new archwing controls that completely inhibit the possibility of rolling and flying upside down (not to mention the ""boost"") I think I will just take a break from Warframe until everything is back to normal.

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i pray to the gods that they revert the archwing changes and fix the arm issue when equipping arca plasmor with certain warframe idle animations such as mirage's, heck if they can fix the grineer back pack thing staying in the air when yanked around while at it id.. well id literally be knocked over with happiness 

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May I humbly ask Mr. Keith Power to create a new song for our fallen Terra Corpus dudes that was nerfed for those needy players ? 

The title will be "We Nerfed Together".

I really miss the first time when the Terra dudes whooped my rear end easily...

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So after 30 failed updates........ FINALLY manage to update.

Me happy... wanting to grind . 🤢

Warframe: Are you having fun?  (Freez)  

After 10min of restarting..

Nef Anyo: Network not responding.:devil:

Warframe: Login failed. Check your info. (It takes 5min to say it)


I just wanted akvasto prime.😢



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18 hours ago, Inkogni said:

The always glorious ( flat ) Nova prime is back ! Nice

Hope this was more for the hotfixes and game crashes and not just prime vault opening today. Feels like a kick in the shins if you cant extract with loot after some nice grinding and have to Alt+F4

Thanks for continued updates


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Please....PLEASE DE for the love of God do the right thing this time....and make enemies in Fortuna hit a lil harder and spawn more frequently. The damage was obviously too hard to start with, but this nerf is way too much. It's WAY too easy now, my Carrier Prime kills the mobs before I do while standing still.




The beacons, my goodness they need to be harder to kill and harder to spot, equinox's maim can wipe out all beacons in the immediate area and some change, and that's it, ALL the fun is over. I dont think the beacons should be vulnerable to skills, and infact i think they should be indestructible and need to have a "disable" function (just press E and it self-destructs). Areas need to be so dangerous that you should need to run from the area if you cant handle it. at 4 warning levels, this is not an issue. I should be terrified of 4 wanted levels, it shouldnt even be soloable IMO.


PLEASE FIX THIS!! it's TOO EASY right now, WAY too easy. Also, as distance increases away from Fortuna, I believe base levels should get progressively higher and harder. The veterans need a challenge!

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There are some game breaking bugs that require fixing:
-Dark Split Sword will not accept any riven mods for it. It forcibly removes them. 
-Dark Split Sword will not accept any other holster animation other than default.
-Dark Split Sword will not accept Dual Sword stances. It forcibly removes them. 

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Quick thing, any news regarding mastery on moas/kitguns ? Because I ranked up a moa and a kitgun, however it seems it did not affect my mastery count. On top of it, I don't seem to be able to link my moa/kitgun in chat, nor do they show up in my profile as ranked up. Ty

Small edit, seems I'm not getting mastery from any other item, just ranked my falcor and my mastery points were kept at 13k

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On a tiny and pretty useless note : I captured an animal, its characteristics was "en bonne santé et jovial" ("in good health and happy"), then immediatly after that, the NPC told me : "this one needs medical attention quickly". I know these two aren't linked but maybe add a little check so that this doesn't happen ? I mean if animals in good health come near-dead to the NPC, I can't imagine what happen to the others...

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Still broken/bugged movement controls when using a mouse for direction:

Right Mouse = Forward
S,D,F = left, back, right

When moving forward (right mouse) or back (D), then pressing the opposite direction before fully releasing the first results in coming to a dead stop and remaining stopped after releasing the first button, instead of reversing direction. Game breaker for us old school folks that use a mouse button for movement. In short, I can not change direction without coming to a complete stop first. Side (S) to side (F) movement (both keyboard buttons) does not behave this way. It stops when both are pressed but resumes moving in the correct direction when one is released.

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I was replaying The War Within and there was a glitch where


I couldn't see the particle effect that showed me where the Golden Maw was, and I had to get through there by listening to where he was. It was difficult.


Also, I don't seem to be gaining any Vent Kids standing after completing a race.


And finally, can the time-gating on Fortuna standing be reduced or removed entirely? It's kinda frustrating when I go out, do a bounty, catch a couple verminks and already I'm at max standing for the day, and I have to wait yet another day before I can afford to rank up or buy stuff.


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[Ticker Issues]

The Oxium cost of Ticker's bonds is extraordinarily high, and should probably be lowered and coupled with another resource. Gallium or Tellurium for example.

[Fishing Issues]

When using luminous dye, fish spawn rate sometimes drops off significantly.

In certain caves luminous dye and bait can be deployed as normal, but do not take effect.

The rep cost of bait is extremely high for singular baits, granting a number of bait instead of one would be the most logical change. 10-20 per purchase ideally.

[Battacor, Ocucor, Kreska Issues]

The D-ring on all of these weapons moves much farther than one would expect it to be rigged, leading to extremely odd animations.

Battacor's alt-fire seems to completely stop beyond 100m, whilst its normal projectiles continue to hit. I imagine this is a discrepancy or bug.

[Kitgun Issues]

There is a discrepancy and/or bug involving the base damage of the Gibber grip compared to its peers, or vice versa in the case of the Tombfinger and Catchmoon barrels.

The Catchmoon projectile immediately terminates when the edge hits a surface, considering the size of the projectile this makes it extremely annoying to use in non-open areas. Additionally punch-through has literally no effect on this property.

There is no statistical indication of beam range for the Gaze barrel type when previewing builds.

Ruinous Extension cannot be used on Gaze kitguns.

After reloading a kitgun, a magazine is stuck to your warframe's left hand. Additionally sometimes the spent kitgun magazines will be the wrong type, and are colored in the default Zuud scheme.

The oxium cost of auroxium is extremely high for most players and should probably be reduced.

[K-Drive issues]

Built K-Drives cannot be customized and state they can be 'gilded' but there is no option to do so at the Vent Kids.

K-Drive leveling affinity gain seems to be fractional as with Vent Kid standing, and thus means leveling a K-Drive can take upwards of an hour.

K-drive Reactors and Thrusters are placed about a foot forward on the board when in-use compared to the preview, which shows them further back on the board.

K-drive grinding sometimes hitches and ends prematurely and seems to be due to some discrepancy with framerate.

K-drive grind sometimes causes the board and frame to get stuck in the grinding animation, but everything other than directional control while moving forward is impossible. Pressing E or X to exit the board ends the bug.

[MOA Issues]

MOA's are extremely flimsy and lack any non-link health/armor mods, and thus this forces you to use a tank warframe to have a MOA as a pet without it dying every 3 seconds.

MOA AI seems to bug out when entering an Archwing or K-drive, and takes an extended period to come to your location after you've left archwing, instead of simply disappearing as with sentinels or other companions. This leads to situations where the AI rushes towards the enemy and dies, even if it has no weapon equipped.

In-Mission your own MOA's name is not displayed on the screen, it instead simply says 'MOA'. Yet you can see its name when it is downed, or the names of other players MOA's clearly.

[General MR Problems]

Purchased Kitguns, K-Drives, and MOAs do not currently grant MR even though they logically should.

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