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Somachord Albums,More Mandachord Bars


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I started making songs in warframe with Mandachord. And I have a little problem.
I wanna finish my song but i can't. I don't have enough bars to finish it
I should make it 2 minutes long or even longer ... ((I don't realy use octavia))....
My idea is: when I create a song in Mandachord the game question it: its will be 
for Octavia? or Somacord? The somacord songs can't be used with octavia but octavia's songs can be used with somacord like now .
My second problem is I can't make albums , I would like chose my favorite self made songs in a album and play it, (share with people (this is not the firs priority)).
I could be realy happy if this be added into the game , even if it's will cost a loots of plat .(I know , now probably not this litle things in the first priority. But its  a litle thing  to the game what make more free place to creativy ) 
(Somebody do ,,ikea" frame ,Fashion frame,Tenno fashion,Floof fashion, lets improve a litle bit a song frame)

 edit: Could be to cool if we have a option to slow down the Mandachord songs

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