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Help! Account got deleted?


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At the moment I am extremely stressed.

Here's why:


I was playing Fortuna on my own, and went back to the Solaris colony to trade my stuff for standing and finally level myself up to level 2 standing.

Upon saying 'sacrifice' (to level it up), the red text came up to bless us with a new update. 

In the reward selection screen (where you can select a thing to get for free upon completing a standing level-up) I chose the Star amarast x6, when it suddenly said:

'Purchase failed. Your account has not been charged (An updated version of Warframe is now available.

Purchases cannot be made until the update is installed  Please exit and run the launcher.'


Then it dropped me back to the selection screen. I tried a few more times to select any reward, which didnt work.

Exiting (pressing escape) made another message appear: You must select a reward before exiting.

So, with nothing I could do, I ctrl+alt+deleted and exited the program.


I started up the launcher, it updated, and upon entering the login screen I was greeted with the reason I am so stressed right now:

Entering my password said: Password wrong

Entering my email into the box to recover my password said: An account with this email does not exist.


Please, if anyone knows what is going on, tell me.

I have spent 600 hours on this account, and do not wish to lose it.

Your kind regards,





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