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Thank you, Digital Extremes


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I just want to say thank you for yet another update to this game, which is free to play (as opposed to "pay to win" OR as opposed to "pay to play," the way World of Warcraft continues to be, and the way other online games - such as the late, lamented City of Heroes - used to be).


Not only am I grateful for yet another update with things I'm quite enjoying (The new plotlines, the new area, the new NPCs, the new gun version of the modular zaws I liked from the Eidolon expansion, and so on), but there's something specific I'm REALLY appreciative of. City of Heroes used to have a few annual holiday themed events. Their winter event involved a snowboard area where you could ski down the slops, then take a super jump right back up. My girlfriend REALLY enjoyed those holiday events, especially the snowboarding (and the trick or treating from the Halloween event). We've been missing City of Heroes a lot... and here we have the "K-Drive" hoverboards. Which are even better than the snowboarding from City of Heroes.


She said she's going to download and give Warframe a try, because of those hoverboards. I've been wanting her to play Warframe with me for a long time now. THANK YOU, Digital Extremes. 🙂

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