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Luminous dye bug


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It seems like there's certain spots where the ability to fish is enabled.

I've noted that if you're in a spot where your dye sinks, so too will bait and you won't be able to hit any fish nor will their names show up with the target box if you center crosshairs on them.

Was having this issue most regularly in caves when I found there were one or two spots where I could get dye floating and a few spots where fish seemed to be immune to harpoons.


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@Midarc Yeah, I've tested it a bit further and you're absolutely correct, this is a problem that appears in specific spots, for example here:






While you're standing on the "creek" that goes into the pond, neither dyes nor baites work, which is a shame, since it's one of my favourite spots. In caves it's even worse.

Also, we have the "fish swimming through rock"-problem again:



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