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Electromagnetic abnormalies not (really) visible


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I guess this happened in the Fortuna update but just noticed it in todays sortie.

They used to be easy to see.. today I ran into them alot, at first not understanding what procced it.

When looking closely there is a darker area where they're at but the blue outline is not there making them really hard to see depending on the map lightning.

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Thank you for posting this, I noticed it a couple of days ago after just stumbling around into what seemed like nothing but proc'd Magnetic- Basically I can't go into any hive mission or anything and keep energy as it is because to me they're basically completely invisible with my settings. (PC like a potato so I can't run things at all very high.) I did mess with settings initially to try to figure out if it was on my end but after an hour or so nothing changed the effects, some update lighting or particles must've been changed and broke this. It'd be nice to see a fix to this relatively soon considering the initial date of posting here.

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