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Missing texture, popping in of a floating grass, archwing afterburner misbehaving


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1. The missing texture is visible on one of the screenshots (the only one outside of a cave).

2. In one of the caves in Orb Vallis I noticed the grass(?) above the coolant was popping in and out of existence depending on the angle I was looking from. I included few screenshots of it.

3. When I press the buttons responsible for the afterburner (for me its Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Alt) while in Archwing instead of flying forward it stays in place and doesn't know where to go. I need to push forward in order for it to move. It never behaved that way - I was able to fly forward just by pressing afterburner and it was much more convenient. I'm not sure if that was an intended change but the behavior of the Archwing certainly doesn't look intentional. If needed I can record a video of it.

Screenshots on Google Drive


EDIT: Correction of the shortcuts i use: it's Ctrl+Alt for afterburner

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