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It doesn't really affect gameplay significantly, but the mods need slots and you do need to level the board to equip them anyway, and some of the mods can make some useful utility additions in core gameplay as well. 

so unless DE decides to make all mods cost no capacity (i am OK if this becomes possible)

Gaining affinity will matter if you plan to trick your ride for max oompf. 

And anything that requires affinity should give mastery. 

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Except...they would have to take away people's mastery. I got my 3k from my K-drive, because the bug is actually only affecting purchased K-Drives. If you craft the K-Drive you gain the Mastery as normal. But there seems to be an extra part of the bug, but since I haven't personally tested this don't take it as fact, if you bought and leveled a bad baby for example, and then crafted a bad baby and leveled it you don't get MR. Which is not good. 

But, MR is working fine for K-drives as long as you just crafted it, and never bought and leveled a purchased K-drive.



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