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Stolfer endless falling


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After wave 5 on the defense mission Stolfer on Lua, as the platform went down I and 2 others were caught in an endless fall, similar to what would happen if one were to go into a bottomless pit. We could not use any abilities or open the menu. Even if we were to move to the center where we would not be in contact with anything midfall, this did not resolve. At some points I was able to fire my weapon. It was possible to stay on a ledge. This did not resolve itself after another 5 waves.

Leaving and rejoining the squad resolved this issue.

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was about to report this bug also, can confirm.

On Lua Stofler Defence mission, after wave 5 nobody but the host can progress to wave 6 and beyond because players can not fall with the defence target.  Host falls fine, but other lobby members can not progress. It resets other members as if they are falling off the map over and over.

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The host will make it down, everyone else will not.  Abilities that can be cast at range (Limbo's bubble, Gara's 3) work, and Nova can teleport people down there.  If you force close Warframe and then reopen it and rejoin when prompted, it'll put you down with the host.

The people who are at the top should still get credit for passing 15 waves if the person at the bottom can solo it (or the person at the top can cast things down there to help).

I don't know if your progression gets halted if you do the rejoin thing; I wouldn't think so, but I don't know for sure.


edit:  I'm getting food now, but if you give me a /w in game I can do a carry for folks who are stuck.

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