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Suggestions for Garuda


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I'm not one for long paragraphs but so just a quick suggestions on how to give Garuda more balanced for more contents. Cause personally i like the frame but think with a few tweaks she can be used in other mission types much better.

Personally i think her 1 and 3 is perfect already. Not to say too perfect but I wouldnt want her to be too good either. 

1. Her 2. Think if she can have some sort of crowd control would be great. Something like the pillar would attract aggro would be nice. This could help with mobile defense missions, while healing the team in that defense area. 

2. Her 4 would need faster casting or atleast make it noticeably faster with the mod Natural Talent.

Personally I love playing her most of the time but some tweaks would be nice. She's great but I can't help but feel something like that aggro suggestion would make it clearer where and how to use her. Thanks for the time. 

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