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Terra Embattor Moa mines can insta-kill


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Finally pegged down the root cause of a frustrating little issue that's been insta-killing me every so often in the Vallis, as caused by the Terra Embattor Moa. I'll lay out a list of mechanisms that lead to these inevitable deaths:

-Terra Embattor Moa spawns bounce mines.

-Bounce mines proc damage and pushback when contacted.

-Bounce mines do not despawn when procced.

-Bounce mine procs do not have a cooldown.

-Bounce mines can spawn anchored to warframes.


Basically, be unfortunate enough to have one stuck to you and you're a very bouncy corpse. Perhaps just adding a proc limit or cooldown would be enough to solve this? Thanks.

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Ticket: #1533204

Experiencing the exact same issue

Think I found what was instakilling Ivara as I tried to jump to safety each time.

While taking these enemies on as Revenant,
a few Elite embattors where dropping their mines like hot potatos.

It is when I made a bullet jump with revenant, that the effects where noticable.

Due to revenants' mesmer skin, I was able to survive.
For one of the mines, was below me as I jumped away.
This one kept triggering over and over, while in mid-air.

Most other frames get bombarded to death (like Ivara)
As this seems to be just the same mine, triggering again and again while arborne.

Bullet jumping from another location, that was free of mines,
had them still explode every tick, while hanging in the air.

What happens in the screenshot,
is one mine, that keeps exploding for it's duration, while I'm airborne.
It does not trigger when walking.
You effectively get bump-bombed in the air.
Call it... 'sky-bunnyhopping'... continuously, untill those feet touch the ground.

The bug stops when the original mine's duration, runs out.
Issue is reproducible

I should've been dead a hundred times over in this image:




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