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Massive Lag Spike Every Time I Shoot But Not When I Use Abilities???


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After one of the small hotfixes yesterday (11/12) my game started acting really weird.

In every mission I play, every time I shoot my weapon or use my melee attack the screen will lag out to seemingly 1 fps for a second before returning back to normal. Every. Single. Time.

I cannot figure out what the problem is.  When I slide attack there is no problem but when im in Fortuna and I try to mine, as soon as I hit fire with the mining tool the game goes into a prolonged state of that seemingly 1 fps until a second after I let go. The sound goes with it too.

I have my fps showing at all times and it never displays a change in fps during this time. However, my ping stays at a pretty constant 20-21 while im in missions, but will jump specifically to 40-41 everytime I shoot or do something that triggers Warframe hissy-fit.

I've tried re-launching, I trimmed the extra hard-drive usage it kept telling me to get rid of and I even messed around with my Cache in the launcher settings to make sure that was okay.

I havent tried lowering my graphics yet because the game runs perfectly smooth when I run around, parkour, archwing and even use all of my abilities!

I cannot do any missions or play Fortuna until this is fixed! Hopefully this gets fixed soon or someone knows how to fix this. Help a brotha' out!

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