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Highest Tenno Wins (Fortuna Edition)


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Being almost a week into Fortuna's release, I figured it's about time to see who's broke the bounds of the settlement the hardest (either intentionally or by accident). This thread is meant both as a sort of friendly (prizeless, at least outside bragging rights) contest between players to see who can get the highest on the Fortuna map, as well possibly launch off into other community competitions related to the map.

To start us off, 



I have been able to reach slightly higher on the map, but it's of an area far less suited for (pretty) pictures. That said, you'll know if you've found it: If you bullet jump straight upwards from the point, you can reach high enough on Fortuna's map to actually mute the background sounds of the settlement (leaving you briefly floating in absolute silence before you descend back down to the city below).

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On 2018-11-18 at 2:33 PM, Tortelett said:

Found this thread on google.

I managed to get up here after a couple dozen attempts. 



Here's jumping up from a slightly higher point I found (with the first location circled)


Alright: Just getting on top of the pulley closest to the Orb Vallis door was impressive and earned my respect (I've been able to access the other two prominent ones, but not that third pulley / crane). Getting up even higher... I'm impressed. The final set looks vaguely familiar (I'm assuming it's accessed from one of the two protrusions nearly above the entry point), but actually getting up even higher... 

Glad to see somebody beat my record, at least! Also that I wasn't the only one who thought "How high can I go?"

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