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Lunaro Refresh: Utilizing K-Drives To Essentialy Play Quidditch


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Basically the player would auto pickup the Lunaro ball within a certain range by riding over it, and the player would throw/pass the ball by using their melee button. Instead of checking other players, they would need to tailswipe the player holding the ball to knock it away from them. the sport would be point based, and players could earn extra points by performing tricks while scoring or by gathering other pickups scattered around the map. For this to work, there need to be some changes to Lunaro as a whole:

1 - 5v5 instead of 3v3

2 - Reliable Matchmaking and Server Support

3 - Larger Lunaro Maps

I understand there are more ideas than just this, so let me know what should be added and Ill update the post.

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