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Warframe ablities affecting K-Drives


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If the ol' Warframe abilities affected the K-Drives, for example, Volt’s Speed and Valkyr’s Melee attack enhancer (K-Drive Trick speed). And if the little ol' boards gained a speed boost of 50%, or whatever is reasonable. Would these boards gain more of a sexy appeal to travel the Orb Valles?

(Did I make sense? I feel like I didn’t, but if I did, then ignore this little inclosure.)

++(Volt is my Main Man)

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Won't make much sense even if they did,

unless we can use weapons from the k drive, as most abilities and passive affect the utility of frames while "on foot" and damage while wielding specific weapons. 

That being said I do believe aura abilities are affected, but it affects the AW too so no real advantage for k drive either way. 


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