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VentKids Standing lost


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First of all, Hi Tennos !

Here my problem :

I lost around 16k Standing when i rank up from Proper Fellon to Primo.

After the reset of the daily cap i was at ~60.000/70.000 of Ventkids' Standing, As a MR25 i got 26.000 Standing per day.

So i've done couple of tricks to get the 10.000 standing and be a Primo !

But when i rankd up i lost all my standing left (16.000 Standing) 

https://imgur.com/a/oFGRdLS ( i don't have screens before i start farming the grind )

( Actually it happens 2 times ) the first time i lost around 500 standing so i wasn't crying for that much.

But this time i could get my own K-Drive and it's a little bit frustating to wate 24h more... xD

I know i'm not alone on this one, i hope we can get a god "script" that can refund those point ( so we can ride like never before ! )


PS : Pardon my english 🙂

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I second this.

When going from "Whozit" to "Proper Felon" I know I had 2k Standing left to earn, but after ranking up it said 0/24000 left. So I had 0 Standing the next day.

Today I ranked up from "Proper Felon" to "Primo". 3 Days of standing should be 72k for me. The rankup cap is 70k, so I should have 2k left. I went grinding, came back when reaching the cap, ranked up and it said ... 1715/24000 left.

My assumption is that standing you earn after reaching your cap still counts towards the daily limit. Other people seem to have observed similar things happening as stated in this forum post.

I didn't observe this kind of thing happening with other syndicates before. Could be a bug. Could be that I'm blind.

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 While the vent kids faction doesn't seem to matter, it is still something people want so hopefully they get a satisfactory answer.  Currently though, it can be confirmed, when you hit the max for your current rank, it does not prevent you from wasting your daily limit on further tricks.  If you keep doing tricks it will keep earning points and will basically throw out any of the earnings that go over your current rank cap.

 Most factions have these limitations.  Being at your rank cap means that any additional earnings will be lost, so either spend the points or rank up as soon as possible to not lose much of your daily limit.

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I got the same problem today with the Ventkids.

I had about 64.000/70.000, after ranking up i went back into the fields and used my K-Drive to get the rest of my daily standing that should be around 21.000 cause im MR.26 so 27.000 daily standing cap. But after some K-Drive grinding i just had 9.802 and hit my daily cap. so i lost about 11.000 daily stranding.

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