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Tek Gravity, and bonus not working on exalted weapons


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A while back--after Fortuna launch: Shortly after I got the Mod Tek Gravity, I noticed that it wasn't working and never looked into it - said to myself "It's just a bug, they'll patch it eventually".
But today after looking deeper into I noticed that Tek Gravity was unaffected on all exalted weapons, and also did not recieve a bonus pip when paired with other mods. This could purely just be a feature and the mod is not meant to work with exalted weapons. This I am unaware of and figured I'd write a post anyhow to double check this.
An answer or patch would be greatly appreciated, as having Tek Gravity on Valkyr would be very fun to use!


--Tek Gravity not working on Garuda's Talons--



--Tek Gravity shown working on Venka prime(Otherwise-any other non exalted weapon)--



--Tek Gravity shown not working on Valkyr's Talons as well--


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