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Profit-taker orb stuck and damageable


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So, I am playing solo on Orb Vallis (duh) hunting and conserving the animals for rep. flying around in my Amesha archwing when I find Profit-taker orb stuck at enrichment labs, like the roof of the big building. I scan it in my codex, then decide to take a few pot shots to see if I could damage it, to my surprise, my hystrix does hurt it (ice) but, it's health bar is still grayed out. my melee weapon and baza also hurt it, till about a quarter down. then I keep wacking at it since my ammo is pretty much gone. jumped in archwing flew up high and groundslamed it's head, and I can damage it again, but only a little bit before I can't anymore, try ground-slamming again to no avail. posted here again for fortuna bug


https://imgur.com/a/JyA9047  I hope this link works, cause I have no idea how to upload pictures like a normal person 

Also, void dashing near it rewards you back 10 energy each time. no idea if bug or not 

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